Don’t get married to the wrong political party


As you obviously know, the election is coming up and this is Historical in every way that is not only affecting the United States but has a widening effect on the future of relations world wide, including, of course, England. Everyone is on Facebook promoting their candidate extremely hard. They’re posting videos of the rival candidate doing stupid things. They are questioning the intelligence of everyone votes for said rival. Honestly, it’s a terrible time to be on Facebook, unless you just want to see political figures driven into the ground. It’s fun in moderation, but it gets very old.

One thing to think about, does anyone really have a chance of changing their mind at this point? Millions of dollars are being spent on commercials, online advertising, mailers and many other promotional materials. Despite this, doesn’t it seem as if everyone has made their mind up by now?

How did these people become so married to their candidate? Well, the obvious choice is they are voting for their political party. That’s normally the case, but how did they become affiliated with this party? One of the driving factors is they are a member of the party their parents are. It makes sense, right? Growing up, children look up to their parents and respect their opinion. As a result, they follow their lead and become a member of the same political party. There are many instances when it makes absolutely no sense to follow down this path when a person’s beliefs and values totally differ from their parents.

As a young person, it is important to take a look at all of the options when voting. If this is your first time to the dance, get yourself a good foundation of knowledge with regards to politics and make decisions based on what you believe, not what your parents or friends believe. Check out this article What is Politics to help you build a foundation of your political beliefs and to get you started in making the right vote for you.

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